Price Guide

Custom cakes are unique and will be quoted as such.

Price will be dependent on a variety of factors including
size, flavour choices, design, decoration and complexity. 

The information below is a rough guide that gives you an idea of our starting prices
for filled and covered cakes before decorations.

Standard Height

Round Buttercream / Ganache Cakes

5” (serves 8) from $100
6" (serves 14) from $130
7” (serves 17) from $150
8" (serves 24) from $180
9" (serves 32) from $200
10" (serves 38) from $230

Extended Height Cakes

Round Buttercream / Ganache Cakes

5” (serves 12) from $120
6" (serves 21) from $160
7” (serves 24) from $180
8" (serves 36) from $220
9” (serves 48) from $250
10” (serves 57) from $280

2 Tier Round Cakes

Start from $250

Fondant Cakes

Start from +$20 on above prices

Sculpted 3D Cakes

Start from $250

Please contact us for

Other Cake Shapes and Sizes

So we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Custom Treat Boxes

Start from $80

High Tea

Start from $40 per person
(minimum of 10 people)

We work on dessert sized portions (1”x2”x4”) as standard, if you would like smaller or larger servings please let us know.  For example, if your cake is to be part of a dessert buffet you may only want coffee sized portions (1”x1”x4”).  Servings are approximate and dependent on the person cutting the cake.  We will provide you with a cutting guide to help with this.